Andreas interest in yoga started when she was just a small girl.  She spent hours looking at her mothers one book on the subject and tried hard to copy the postures in the pictures.  This proved difficult because, due to a, then unknown, lactose intolerance her joints were too stiff and she eventually gave up the struggle.


But she never forgot and at the age of 40 decided to try again.  Her joints no longer stiff, she found a new book and despite not being very flexible she persevered and found she really enjoyed yoga and felt fitter and leaner.  She even found her eyesight improving.


The next step for Andrea was finding the right teacher who could correct her alignment, show her easier versions of more difficult exercises and help her to achieve her goals.  Since then her career in yoga took off, culminating in a trip to India to qualify as a yoga teacher with Arhanta Yoga Ashram, a leader in the field of teaching Hatha Yoga. Later on she qualified as a Yin & Yang Yoga teacher (including Mindfulness Meditation) with Sarah Powers.


Has Andreas own flexibility improved?  Well, yes and no, she says.  Flexibility isnt important as people think when it comes to doing yoga, every human body is different and each has its own limitations and possibilities.  Everyone can gain the benefits of the yoga postures by doing them at their own level but still find they  become stronger, healthier, more flexible and balanced both in body and mind.


Andrea herself became very aware of the limitations and possibilities of her own body and mind but eventually accepted them and started growing from there.  She is sure that this principle works for everyone and invites you to experience this for yourself.